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How to attract older Women

cougarA lot of young men like to date older women. Older mature women are commonly referred to as cougars because an older more mature women is going to be more in control and usually isn’t in a rush to get married or have kids.

So if you are out and about looking to engage a cougar and are trying to figure out how to attract older women, keep reading.

The first thing you may be asking is, “Where do you go?. Well, you can go pretty much anywhere, but I’ll tell you if you are interested in meeting and possibly picking up, going to a local up-class bar is your first stop. You don’t want to head to the local night club; that is overflowing with people. At a more upper-class establishment, there are normally a few women there enjoying a nice quiet evening out. You can also try shopping. Yes, the supermarket and grocery stores are packed with cougars. You can easily spot many doing their shopping. And even ask them for their opinion on an item you want to buy, that could be a fantastic ice breaker.attract-a-cougar

Once you’ve spotted an older woman that intrigues you, the next thing you need to do is break the ice and spark up a conversation with her. You can talk with her pretty much about anything, but ensure you aren’t too aggressive in the conversation. Let her do some talking as well. Whatever you talk about, make sure you say it with confidence.

You can ask her out for a drink, if she accepts it, you are on you way to at least an evening full of conversation with a mature woman. If the evening seems to be going well, ask her out. Hey, you’re doing well so far, why not throw your hat in the ring and see what happens. Chances are she will like how spontaneous you are and appreciate your confidence. There must be some reason she is still sitting with you, right?

Like all woman, an older woman likes compliments. Tell her how beautiful she is, how sexy you find her, etc. However, never ask her age, this can cause a nuclear blast. If she wants to in due time, she’ll let you know. Now that is the most important thing, wait until she tells you.

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