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Tips on how to turn on a woman

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How to turn on a woman

gfasashgsMost men think that the best way to turn on a woman is to touch her. But this is not always the case. You can just imagine what the reaction of a girl would be, say, for instance, you go to a bar and meet someone, and you started to get a little too touchy. This would definitely come to an awful scene. So, even if you like a girl so much, do not get too eager or aggressive. In fact, there are several things that you can do to effectively attract a woman without actually touching her.

Start a conversation

Words are very powerful if you are aiming to attract a woman. However, you have to choose the right words that you would say. Start a conversation by thinking about an interesting topic. If you feel that she is beginning to get comfortable with you and she is enjoying the conversation, then maybe you can toss in a little bit of sexual innuendo. But again, you still have to be extra careful of the words that you say so you won’t turn her off and scare her away.

Build rapport

Building rapport is probably the simplest thing that you can do to get the attention of a woman. Show her your sweetest smile and you will surely make her a lot more comfortable with you. Once she smiles back at you, then that would be a hint that she is starting to get into you.

Tease her

gfasashgsMost men find “teasing” a woman quite effective in creating a desire. You can do this by acting like you are going to touch her physically but you suddenly pull away. This will definitely drive her crazy and the more that it will intensify her desire towards you.

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